Pelican Pools' Swimming Pool Guide
Step 2

Finish & Colour

Finishing refers to the material we use to line the re-inforced concrete structure with.

Pelican Pools Pool Builders


Fibreglass is the most popular finish due to low maintenance, durability and 100% waterproofing characteristic.

There are an array of colours to choose from if you choose an Fibreglass finish. Here are a few examples of the colours available:

  • Resin Pool ColoursKnysna Blue
  • Resin Pool ColoursPool Blue
  • Resin Pool ColoursLight Peach
  • Resin Pool ColoursProtea Pink
  • Resin Pool ColoursCosmos Pink
  • Resin Pool ColoursLime Green
  • Resin Pool ColoursLight Stone
  • Resin Pool ColoursBlack
  • Resin Pool ColoursMid Grey
  • Resin Pool ColoursMist Grey

Marble Plaster

The marble plaster gives a more natural look and slightly rougher texture. Here are a few examples:

  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursAbbotsford Green
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursCharcoal
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursMoroccan Blue
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursOcean Blue
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursPacific Blue
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursPortland
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursSandstone
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursSea Glass
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursSilver Grey
  • Pool Marble Plaster ColoursSky Blue


Tiles are often opted for in the bigger pool eg. half Olympic pools. There are a huge amount of styles to choose from - here are a few examples:

  • Pool TilesFlag Stone Grey
  • Pool TilesKilimanjaro African Fusion
  • Pool TilesKilimanjaro Mount Mulanje
  • Pool TilesKilimanjaro Sudwela Caves


Mosaics can give a wonderful effect and is often used in the more upmarket pools.

  • Pool MosaicsBlueberry Pie
  • Pool MosaicsBouganvillea
  • Pool MosaicsCaper Berry
  • Pool MosaicsCornflower Blue
  • Pool MosaicsDarkening Sky
  • Pool MosaicsHolly Leaf
  • Pool MosaicsHydarngea
  • Pool MosaicsLemongrass
  • Pool MosaicsMagnetite
  • Pool MosaicsSealing Wax